Alpfilm and NGO Banco de Alimentos: a partnership for life!

Innovation and technology for the health care of Brazilian families have always been on the rise at Alpfilm, being our biggest motivations. As a result, we are proud of the development of a complete line of plastic films that is highlighted in Brazil and in the world for its quality of protection applied to everyday life.

But our mission does not stop there!

Alpfilm's trajectory goes beyond the manufacture of daily protection products and, for this reason, we make room in our routine for what we need most today: solidarity.

Therefore, we believe that the time has come to strengthen our commitment in the fight against hunger, collaborating in the distribution of food to those who need it most! This is because since 2016 we are partners of the NGO Banco de Alimentos, an entity dedicated to fighting hunger and reducing the waste of vegetables, pasta, fruits, among others.

The NGO's work is based on a fundamental premise: to collect the surplus food and distribute the surplus to social institutions. That is, instead of discarding food products that have already expired on the shelf, but that are still perfect for consumption, the partners donate these items to the NGO Banco de Alimentos, which passes on everything to the social institutions registered in the project.

This solidarity action allows the realization of an Urban Harvest that allows 20 million people to have a quality food every day. It is the nutritional complement of meals served to thousands of children, youth, adults and the elderly in the city of São Paulo!

But, what is the role of Alpfilm in this chain?

Our collaboration, which started 5 years ago, became even more extensive and today consists of donating some of our products: the Perforated Bag, the Stretch Film and the low density bag!

These items are essential for the transport, packaging and safe delivery of the food selected for donation, also guaranteeing the quality and conservation of the items!

Find out more about the NGO's work, share it with friends and, if you can, also make a donation!

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