Dried and Dehydrated Fruits: A Delicious and Healthy Way to Preserve Natural Flavors

Have you ever found yourself admiring those colorful bags of dehydrated fruit, wondering if they are as healthy as they seem? Well, the good news is that yes, they are! Dehydrated fruit is an incredibly convenient and delicious way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of fresh fruit, with the added bonus of being able to eat it anywhere, anytime. In this blog, we will explore

Discover the Benefits of Shrink Film in Industry: Simplifying Packaging and Increasing Protection

Finding solutions that combine practicality, efficiency and safety is essential. It is in this context that shrink film emerges as a true ally for companies in different sectors, from beverages to cleaning products. Let’s explore more about this feature and how it can revolutionize packing and packaging. What is Contractile/Shrink Film? The contractile film also

Paper Packaging: The Reality About Its Recyclability.

In our fourth blog, we dive into the critical issue of paper packaging, exploring the truth behind its recyclability. In a context where the search for sustainable alternatives is imperative, it is vital to understand the complexities of these materials to make conscious and effective decisions in favor of the environment. In the current scenario, the food sector, especially, is rethinking its packaging materials in search of

Sustainable Innovation in the Packaging Industry: Alpfilm’s Role in Adopting Eco-Conscious Technologies

In this third chapter of our sustainability series, we will explore technological advances and innovations in the plastic packaging industry, highlighting Alpfilm's commitment to adopting eco-conscious practices. The industry is constantly evolving to find more sustainable solutions, and at Alpfilm, we are at the forefront of these changes. Here are some of the technological advances we are adopting: Sustainable Production Technologies: We implement sustainable production processes

Alpfilm's Sustainable Commitment: Strategies for Efficient Recycling

In our ongoing pursuit of sustainability, this blog highlights Alpfilm's practical commitments related to recycling and the efficiency of our processes, aiming to minimize environmental impact. Pack Sustainability with Smart Design: As a company committed to producing 100% recyclable plastic films, we invest in research and development to create more sustainable packaging. Our innovative designs guarantee product protection and at the same time

Benefits of responsibly disposing of plastic film.

We enthusiastically started a series dedicated to sustainability at Alpfilm, highlighting the benefits of responsibly disposing of plastic film. Committed to the production of 100% recyclable plastic films, we believe in the importance of raising awareness about the positive impacts of properly disposing of this material on our planet. Plastic film, due to its practicality and durability, is widely used in various industries and in homes. A