Special recipe - Homemade Panettone

Christmas is coming. It's time to gather the family, socialize with friends and enjoy all that this time of year has to offer. Like Christmas dinner, for example. And how about putting next to those wonderful dishes a homemade panettone made by you? With that in mind, we've prepared a recipe that will make everyone's mouth water. Enjoy! REVENUE -

Valencian Paella Recipe

Aroma, texture and creaminess. Paella has everything a dish needs to become a classic. The combination of elements creates a unique and unmistakable flavor, which brings a little bit of Mediterranean culture into our home. We separate a simple and practical recipe for you to taste this powerful dish! TIP: When separating and storing seafood, use the

Spring Recipe: Homemade Ham and Cheese Bread

by: Fernando Michalawski Looking for a special recipe for spring? The bread stuffed with ham and cheese, made without yeast, is a tropical dish, tasty and very easy to make. The ideal is to be served on hot days and accompanied by some refreshing drink, such as natural juice or soda. TIP: When freezing the finished dough, use the Alpfilm Protect Plastic Film that

Doubts when setting up the school lunch box? 5 Tasty and Nutritious Meal Tips

For those who have children at home, every beginning of the week the same question arises: What to take with food in the little ones' lunch box? This decision goes far beyond the taste and practicality of the food, as it is necessary to ensure the correct choice of healthy and nutritious foods. The rise in food prices is also an aggravating factor in this choice, but with the right knowledge