ALPFILM CLINIC is the first film to have been tested and approved for dermatological purposes in Brazil.

This product is effective to disable the New Coronavirus! Certified by the USP team of scientists, who found 99.99% effective in inactivating SARS-CoV-19* particles.

The PVC Alpfilm Clinic, with a formula developed especially for the beauty, tattoo and health market, Is first dermatologically tested and approved plastic film in Brazil. The product is hypoallergenic, has an even more efficient antibacterial protection shield and has two versions: rail-packaged or with handle (swivel handle).

In the rail package you will find the unitary plastic film measuring 28 cm wide and 300 m long. Thanks to its exclusive cutting system developed and patented by Alpfilm, it offers more practicality and agility in everyday life.

The plastic-film with handle (swivel handle) is 12 cm wide and 70 m long, being ideal for covering small areas of the skin and smaller equipment.

*Product scientifically approved in protecting against bacteria and fungi, maximizing food durability and reducing the chances of infectious diseases and contagion by COVID-19, according to tests carried out with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Main highlights:

  • EXCLUSIVE Sliding cutting system;
  • It prevents waste;
  • 100% Safe – it only cuts the film;
  • Developed and patented by ALPFILM.
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Options Clinic

Alpfilm Clinic

28 cm


Alpfilm Clinic Gauntlet

12 cm