The first stretchable plastic film with proven action against the new Coronavirus.

Alpfilm Protect and Clinic are guaranteed to be effective in deactivating the virus that causes COVID-19.

Innovation DNA: pioneering product in antifungal and bactericidal action.

100% Brazilian: 100% national technology, production and research.


A stretchable plastic film - used to pack food and various other items - with proven effectiveness when deactivating the new Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2)! In 3 minutes we have 79,90% of virus removal and in 15 minutes, 99,99% of the virus is eliminated! That simple.

Alpfilm Protect's differential is the technology used in the construction of films and in the application of Nanox nanotechnology, based on silver microparticles. What guarantees an antifungal and bactericidal shield that eliminates 99,96% of the microorganisms that cause food poisoning and intestinal problems.


We conducted a series of studies - in partnership with the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo - to ensure the antiviral effectiveness of Alpfilm Protect, in particular against Covid-19.

The analysis showed that the AlpFilm PVC plastic film presents positive responses that reach 79,90% of inactivation in the first three minutes, reaching 99,90% of effectiveness in up to 15 minutes!


  • Shield against Covid-19 certified by ICB-USP
  • High antibacterial and fungicidal performance (99,96%)
  • Breathable (keeps packaged food fresh every time)
  • Liquid repellent
  • Easy to use with “easy cut” system

Alpfilm. Always taking care of the health and safety of you and your family.