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Alpfilm Semiprofissional


ALPFILM CLINIC is the first film to have been tested and approved for dermatological purposes in Brazil.

Due to its constant effort to promote innovation, ALPFILM has especially developed a HYPOALLERGENIC plastic film for the beauty, tattooing and health markets.

ALPFILM CLINIC is the first film to have been tested and approved for dermatological purposes in Brazil and the only one in Latin America to offer the ALPFILM PROTECT antibacterial protection shield that protects against bacteria and fungi.

Due to its hypoallergenic properties and an even more efficient antibacterial protection shield, it may get in contact with the skin without posing any risk of allergic reactions. It means that those professionals who work in beauty clinics, tattoo studios (tattoo aftercare) and doctor’s offices, for example, may utilize the Hypoallergenic ALPFILM Clinic film in the equipment in contact with their clients and patients, thus ensuring maximum care and safety.

In tattooing: film recommended to protect devices and materials utilized every day in a studio, to dramatically reduce the risk of disease transmission. When in contact with your clients’ skin it will not cause any allergy.

Aesthetic treatment: it can be used to maximize the effect of several localized aesthetic treatment techniques, without the risk of allergic reactions on your clients’ skin.

General medical use: recommended to insulate areas with equipment that get in contact with the human body, thus reducing the risk of cross contamination.

* EXCLUSIVE Sliding Cutting System;
* Developed and patented by ALPFILM;
* It prevents waste;
* 100% Safe – it only cuts the film;

Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic


Alpfilm Clinic28 cm300 m

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