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Rail Protect

Plastic film for Fatty and Low Fat Foods

The only product of its kind in Latin America to offer an antibacterial protection shield, ALPFILM PROTECT eliminates 99.96% of the microorganisms responsible for cholera, diarrhea and food poisoning.

For domestic use, to pack both FATTY FOODS, such as meats, fish, chicken and cheese, and LOW FAT FOODS, such as fruits, greens and vegetables.

In conformity with the Brazilian/Mercosul Legislation (Anvisa – RDC nº 17, of 2008, and RDC nº 56, of 2012) and with the European Legislation (European Directive 2002/72/EC) for materials in contact with fatty foods.

* EXCLUSIVE Sliding Cutting System;
* Developed and patented by ALPFILM;
* It prevents waste;
* 100% Safe – it only cuts the film;
* For domestic use to pack fatty and low fat foods



Protect Trilho27 cm50 m
Protect Trilho27 cm100 m

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