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Films with PE monolayers for packing and packaging

Industrial PE Film for automatic or manual application, made with the purest raw materials based on many different types of linear polyethylene blends. It has an elastic effect and high load compacting properties, providing exceptional protection and stability when palletizing products.

It provides high mechanical and perforation resistance, and comes in a 500-mm standard width (customization will depend on the purchased volume) with thicknesses from 15 to 50 microns. Coil weight goes from 3.0 kg (for manual handling) to 9.0 kg (for machines).

This PE Stretch Film is ideal for the beverage (bottles and cans), packaging (cardboard boxes, lids, vials, etc.), food, and printing industries, load handling (road, air and sea transportation), stocking and civil construction (cement, blocks, ceramic tile flooring, etc.).


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