SuperAlpfilm Classic

SuperAlpfilm Classic

The same very high level of quality ALPFILM products, much higher than conventional products available on the market.

Manufactured with strictly selected raw materials, it is intended for the packaging of refrigerated food products.

Suitable for packing only non-greasy products (fruits and vegetables).

Main highlights:

  • Without cutting system;
  • In compliance with ANVISA's rules for contact with NON-FATTY foods (fruits and vegetables);
  • Great lateral cut of its edges = more productivity in manual packaging operations;
  • Excellent elasticity, mechanical properties, memory and resistance to tear;
  • To pack products with or without a tray;

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Options SuperAlpfilm Classic

Item Largura Length
SuperAlpfilm Classic 28 cm 15 m
SuperAlpfilm Classic 28 cm 30 m
SuperAlpfilm Classic 28 cm 100 m
SuperAlpfilm Classic 38 cm 100 m