Heat Shrinkable PVC

Industrial PVC film for multi-segment packaging

Industrial PVC thermo-contractile film for packaging of various segments.

Fully transparent and odorless plastic film, even when subjected to high temperatures. By quickly shrinking in machines with a heating tunnel or even with hair dryers, it saves energy and, therefore, can be considered eco-friendly.

Furthermore, it is a film 100% recyclable and produced with strictly selected raw material, guaranteeing protection and visual standardization of the products.

It is ideal for packaging in the civil construction segment and meets the textile, computer and food industries. It can also be used with products that require minor shrinkage (such as magazines and catalogs), special shrinkage (that is, different shrinkage in the transversal and longitudinal directions - irregular objects, for example) and microperforation (for products that need to breathe, such as eggs). *

* Please contact the Alpfilm sales team by email sac@alpfilm.com.br or by phone (11) 2744-2288

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