Low-density Bag

Films with PE monolayers for packing and packaging

Made of low-density polyethylene, ALPFILM’S plastic bags are XNUMX% hygienic, recyclable, nontoxic and odorless.

Since they are very versatile and provide excellent sealing and tearing and tensile resistance, these bags can be used to pack several types of products, from foods to clothes and jewelry.

Thanks to this, they are ideal for textile and food industries, in addition to bakeries, butchers and stores in general (including clothing).

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Options Low-density Bag

OverviewCapacityQuantity of Bags per package (units)
ALPFILM PE 15 X 30 X 300,5 kg320
ALPFILM PE 20 X 30 X 301 kg290
ALPFILM PE 25 X 35 X 302 kg165
ALPFILM PE 22 X 46 X 30KG 2160
ALPFILM PE 30 X 40 X 303 kg150
ALPFILM PE 35 X 45 X 305 kg100
ALPFILM PE 40 X 60 X 505 kg35