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Alpfilm is a successful Brazilian family-owned company, founded in 1998 as Alpes Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos Ltda. In 2002, it adopted the name that baptizes its products: Alpfilm.

It is a mid-size company, with 140 employees distributed in the two manufacturing plants in Sao Paulo/SP, where the headquarters is located, and in the city of Aparecida de Goiânia/GO.

Alpfilm today

By keeping a position of highlight in the Brazilian market, Alpfilm is the only manufacturer in its segment to offer innovative systems, such as the cutting mechanism and the bacterial protection system. In the international market, it is present in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Spain, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Uruguay, which countries absorb approximately 15% of the total volume of PVC Cling Films produced every year by the company.

Being a versatile company, ALPFILM produces and supplies many different types of PVC and PE stretchable plastic films, bearing its own ALPFILM brand, fulfilling the demand and the needs of the several sectors in which it operates, from the food to the toy industry. ALPFILM’S technical team is constantly investing in new technologies and raw materials that might be employed to develop and improve its products.

Our mission is to establish the highest standard of quality and innovation available in the market, by offering

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