Dried and Dehydrated Fruits: A Delicious and Healthy Way to Preserve Natural Flavors

Have you ever found yourself admiring those colorful bags of dehydrated fruit, wondering if they are as healthy as they seem? Well, the good news is that yes, they are! Dehydrated fruit is an incredibly convenient and delicious way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of fresh fruit, with the added bonus of being able to eat it anywhere, anytime. In this blog, we will explore

See how to keep your food fresh in summer inside and outside the fridge.

Summer brings with it sunny days and high temperatures, challenging the proper preservation of food. Check out our tips for keeping everything fresh, inside or outside the fridge. Organize your Refrigerator Strategically: Keeping your refrigerator well organized is crucial to ensuring air circulation and efficient refrigeration. Store perishable products on easily accessible shelves and maintain specific areas for fruits,

Golden Tips for Home Professionals

If you love the art of cooking, Alpfilm is perfect for you! Check out some important tips to help you maximize your time in the kitchen and turn cooking into a magical experience! Experiment, Explore, Create. The kitchen is a space to explore creativity. Mixing flavors, testing new recipes and adapting dishes are forms of expression that feed the soul.

3 Alpfilm Innovations

Alpfilm is always innovating to make your day to day easier! Discover 3 innovative facts that we have developed especially for you! Thinking about your health, we were the pioneer and only one in Brazil to develop hypoallergenic dermatological plastic film, bringing more practicality and safety to the health sector. “Based on analyzes and evidence from the Ecolyzer laboratory, we developed the


The transparent plastic film is very present in our daily lives, it is common to find food wrapped in it, or even to protect tattoos. But there is a frequent question regarding this product: Is PVC plastic film recyclable? PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a material used for the production of various products, such as window profiles, distribution pipes


Autumn has arrived! One of the biggest advantages of living in a tropical country is the variety of fruits that adapt to our climate and soil, but it is important to know how to invest in seasonal fruits, because at that time they are fresher and more nutritious. But do you know the autumn fruits? Autumn is considered a transitional season, with cooler weather and


In addition to helping with your home routine, Alpfilm also thinks about your business! That's why we've separated some tips for you to optimize your restaurant's routine. Organize the week's tasks Scheduling your week is synonymous with organization. For this you can use a traditional agenda or even your cell phone. Thus, you prioritize the most important tasks and manage

Effectiveness of Alpfilm Protect: your food fresh for longer and your family much healthier!

Is your family going away and the fridge is full of fruits and vegetables? Make a mistake at the butcher shop and take more meat than you should? Spoiled and thrown away food? Count on the protective action of Alpfilm Protect and leave all that in the past! That's because food lasts much longer when using Alpfilm's plastic film! And the explanation is very simple: we are