The challenge of Industrial Storage: Discover Alpfilm Solutions

Storing large volumes of products can be quite a challenge for industries. At Alpfilm, we fully understand this need and have developed solutions that not only simplify logistics, but also take care of our planet. Our products are fully recyclable and made with the practicality and efficiency of your operations in mind. Contractile/Shrink Film: Protection and Aesthetics in a single product. Imagine being able to package your products

The different packaging films and their applications in the industry!

Each product has its own characteristics and applications. Do you know the difference between them? It is important to check which type of film is most suitable for each application, taking into account its mechanical properties, barrier, chemical resistance, among others. Therefore, we separate some examples of plastic films and their applications for you: Composite films are a combination of two or more types of plastics.

Main functions of Stretch Film

Although reminiscent of PVC Film Plastic, Stretch Film is a protective plastic film made of stretchable polyethylene. The main purpose of this product is to unite loads and thus protect various types of products. Some of the advantages of Stretch Film are: One of the most common questions about Stretch Film is when and what to use plastic for. By offering protection