Alpfilm in the kitchen! Come learn a new technique to keep herbs and spices longer in the freezer!

It's not uncommon to see that packet of spices purchased recently begin to turn dark before we have a chance to fully utilize them. This with ingredients like coriander, basil, rosemary and many others. There are several ways to store plants in the refrigerator to reduce food waste in the kitchen. So, follow the tutorial on how to freeze herbs and spices, with a

Whitening food: Learn about this practical freezing technique and save much more!

It's not uncommon to go to the supermarket and find one or another sale on a vegetable or vegetable, but end up buying little because you're afraid you won't be able to consume everything before it goes bad. Or the opposite happens, when you get carried away and buy too much, but then realize that you won't be able to prepare everything in time. In these cases, freezing is the perfect way to save and

Clean and organized freezer?

Want to ensure a clean and organized freezer? Alpfilm helps you! When it comes to organizing the freezer or freezer, it is common for doubts to arise, after all, the possibilities are diverse and each home has a routine that must be taken into account when planning meals and packing groceries. It was with this in mind that the idea of ​​creating this

National Animal Day – [#2676]

National Animal Day: our love for pets starts with recycling! Today, 14/3, Brazil celebrates the National Day of Animals. The objective is to make the population aware of the care of animals, whether domestic or wild. This is where the role of recycling comes in, a topic of paramount importance to Alpfilm! We know that plastics, when improperly discarded, are destined for the ocean

Revelry with Alpfilm!

See tips on how to enjoy the holiday with fun and protection while traveling or staying at home. Carnival is one of the main national dates, being the favorite of most Brazilians. With another pandemic period, we have the cancellation of the festivities, parades and shows that usually pack the revelry. But, don't be discouraged! We've put together a short list of tips for you to enjoy.

World Pulses Day

Understand the importance of these foods and check out consumption tips! The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations celebrates today (10/2) the World Pulses Day. The date draws attention to the potential of legumes, also known as pulses, in the fight against hunger, in the preservation of health and also in caring for the environment. Foods like chickpeas, peanuts and lentils are among the

Organized house! Planning the financial side and the organization of the Home.

How to organize household finances? 1. Have control over your finances Write it down in a list, it can be manually, in your notebook, personal agenda, or even in a spreadsheet of expenses, the way you want. The important thing is that in this list you put all your expenses: consumption bills: water, electricity, telephone, internet, food, fuel. Enter everything. Then write down all