Super Alpfilm Rail

Plastic film for all types of food

The SuperAlpfilm Rail is a practical and innovative solution for efficiently storing and protecting food.

This smart box comes with a plastic film roll perfect for sealing and preserving food, keeping its flavor and freshness.

The exclusive rail that accompanies it allows you to cut the film quickly and accurately, ensuring the ideal amount for each use, without waste.

Domestic use, both for packaging GREASY FOOD, such as meat, fish, chicken and cheese, as well as for NON-FATS FOODS, such as fruits, vegetables and greens.

Main highlights:
Exclusive sliding cutting system;
Developed and patented by ALPFILM;
It prevents waste;
100% Safe – it only cuts the film;
excellent Elasticity, mechanical properties, memory and resistance to tearing;
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Super Alpfilm Rail (TS225)



9 units for master box